Become a 2023 Nonprofit Partner of Earth Day Oregon

Note: The ORCAH "Collaborate!" category is aimed at organizations (and individuals) who are looking to work with others to create mutual impact. We are including this opportunity on the Hub because we see Earth Day Oregon supporting collaboration between efforts and amplification of their good work around the Earth Day celebration.

Early-bird application deadline to become a Nonprofit Partner for Earth Day Oregon 2023: 12/31/2022

Final registration deadline: 1/31/2023

There are no fees to participate. See the application below to join us to make Earth Day Oregon 2023 bigger and more impactful than ever!

Learn more about Nonprofit Partnership here, including eligibility, FAQs, how the campaign works, the benefits of participating, past partners, and more.


  • Earth-bird Nonprofit Partners who register by December 31st will receive early access to campaign resources.

  • You’ll also receive an invite to the early-bird orientation/Q&A meeting to talk tips and strategies for success.

  • More time to recruit your 3+ Business Partners, plan your Earth Day Oregon campaign, and team up (optionally) with fellow Nonprofit Partners for Earth Day events.

  • The sooner you have your partnerships and plans in place, the sooner we can share your Earth Day Oregon activities with the public, with businesses looking for engagement opportunities, and with the media!

Listing created Dec 8, 2022