Lake Oswego Electric Home & Vehicle Fair

Sat Sep 23 - 10:00am-2:00pm

Join Us at the Lake Oswego Electric Home & Vehicle Fair!

  • Find out why an all-electric lifestyle is one of the best strategies for dealing with the climate crisis
  • Watch chefs cook on induction stovetops, and you can taste the results
  • Find out how solar energy fits into your life
  • Chat with Lake Oswego EV owners who will bring their cars to show
  • Take a dealer EV test drive and discover which EV is best for you
  • Learn more about the benefits of heat pumps to warm and cool your home and heat your water
  • Get expert help to develop your five-year electrification plan

Sponsoring organization(s): Lake Oswego Sustainability Network
Solution Area:
Adaptation & Resilience
Climate Justice
Finance & Economy
Food & Agriculture
Governance & Leadership
Land Use & Restoration
Mental Health & Mindfulness
Public Health
Storytelling & Art
Tribal & Indigenous
Waste Prevention
Listing created Sep 7, 2023