Electric Grills - Plug in and Start Searing!

Wed Jun 19 - 12:00pm-12:30pm


Learn how easy it is to grill your summer favorites with the new electric grills available today, no messy gas or charcoal required.

Just in time for summer, we’re excited to talk about electric grills. Their ease of use, precision, and convenience make them a great backyard companion. Join us for a 30-minute webinar in which we explore the perks of all-electric grilling.

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Electrifying your home means switching out everything that burns fossil fuels—including that key summertime appliance: the grill. When most people think of grilling, they think about using propane or gas or charcoal, but electric grills have been supporting backyard chefs for decades, and allow you to grill your favorite food while plugging into a standard outlet. They’re safer, provide precision temperature control, produce less smoke, are easier to clean, and never run out of fuel in the middle of grilling.

For anyone looking to breathe cleaner air and reduce carbon emissions, this is an easy action to take, and electric grills are perfect for apartments that prohibit open flames. And compared some of the larger ticket items like HVAC or water heaters, replacing your old grill with a new electric model is a relatively small investment. But how well do electric grills work and is there any trade off in cooking quality?

Join us as we explore electric grills. We’ll discuss:

  • How well do electric grills work?

  • What brands and models are available?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric grills?

  • What are myths about electric grills?

  • How to get the best results with an electric grill

  • What to look for when shopping for an electric grill

This webinar is part of the Electrify Now “Go Electric!” series developed in partnership with LEARN. Find more Go Electric! webinars with information and tips on other important electrification topics here.

Time commitment: 30 Minutes
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