East PDX Resilience Coalition

EPRC will foster connections among residents of the 13 neighborhoods through programs that increase the capacity of families, neighborhoods and organizations to thrive and prosper. As a coalition we will strive to represent the underserved and underrepresented residents by increasing resources and services that promote community resilience in response to disruptive events like health, climate or environmental emergencies. All residents, community organizations and agencies are welcome to participate in the initiatives and programs of this coalition. EPRC is aligned with the East Portland Action Plan and other community-based organizations who support family and neighborhood programs.

Organization Name: EPRC
Describe how you/your organization approach(es) climate action, and what types of engagement you're looking for.: EPRC is a community coalition whose mission is to facilitate and support the THRIVE East PDX community resilience programs that benefit all residents of the thirteen neighborhoods of East Portland. EPRC will foster diverse communities that provide opportunities for residents to thrive and not just survive by centering the voices of all residents, especially those underserved and underrepresented. We will identify and prioritize programs that build neighborhood resilience, create connection and create thriving communities. EPRC defines community resilience as “the ability to withstand and recover from disruptions. A resilient community has social and environmental systems that are less vulnerable to disruption and more able to recover and adapt when disruption does occur.”

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