East Portland Resilience Coalition (EPRC)

As Coalition Partners, we value actions that recognize and respect equity and inclusion for all residents. 

  • We acknowledge the racial, sexual and cultural diversity of residents in our communities including LGBTQ, Black, Indigenous, and Peoples of Color as represented in our neighborhoods.
  • We promote equitable, innovative, resilient and forward-thinking planning for thriving neighborhoods.
  • We promote connection with the private sector to promote small business and entrepreneurial spirit in the neighborhoods.
  •  We strive to assist families to thrive and grow wealth with steady income, and have opportunities for education, food security and cultural stability.

Solution Area:
Adaptation & Resilience
Climate Justice
Finance & Economy
Food & Agriculture
Governance & Leadership
Land Use & Restoration
Mental Health & Mindfulness
Public Health
Storytelling & Art
Tribal & Indigenous
Waste Prevention
Listing created Apr 25, 2023