Go Zero! Tour

On Saturday, October 14th, Solar Oregon will present its fifth annual Go Zero! Tour, presented by Energy Trust of Oregon. The Go Zero! Tour is a tour of Zero Energy and “path to zero” homes throughout Oregon. Solar Oregon defines Zero Energy as a home that produces all of its power onsite from solar panels. Whether you are a current or future homeowner, the Go Zero! Tour is a great opportunity to learn how an investment in energy efficiency and solar power can save you money.

Explore homes in NE Portland and see how your neighbors are taking charge of their power by investing in solar and more efficient home appliances to be a zero energy home. Early bird tickets are only $20 and are on sale now until September 24th! Discounts available for students and families https://bit.ly/gzt2023

Sponsoring organization(s): Solar Oregon, Energy Trust of Oregon, Akos Construction, Ichijo, Power NW, DPI Solar
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Listing created Sep 7, 2023