Adaptation Start-Up Seeking Collabs


Our vision is to inspire community resilience hubs in the Cascadia bioregion, uniting all for the shared love of Northwest lands.

Cascadia Stack's mission is to engage with our community in a way that inspires resilient action to prepare for the impact of a warming climate and natural disasters such as the Cascadia megaquake & tsunami or a volcanic erruption.

Cascadia Stack is a non-profit social justice organization that is working to bring inclusion to marginalized communities and everyone living in the PDX/'Couve/Cowlitz County region.

As an emerging nonprofit, Stack is suddenly flooded with opportunities.

  • Are you a facilitator?
  • Do your organization's beneficiaries need to learn about the basics of climate change and how to prepare? 
  • We need Spanish facilitators. We can pay a stipend for your time and transportation cost.
  • We are looking to bring live art, music, poetry, comedy, and dramatic comedic readings --all with a message of resiliency.

Please contact Drew at

I would love to chat about your ideas and how we can help each other. 



Listing created Nov 1, 2023