Support Indigenous Sovereignty with Action this November

Thanksgiving season is upon us, and as we gather with family and friends, let’s acknowledge that it is a National Day of Mourning for many Indigenous Peoples and their allies. Thanksgiving celebrations can perpetuate the harmful Euro-centric narrative found in history books – or we can decide to try a different approach: go farther than acknowledgement and take action.

This post provides dozens of action resources for you and your community:

-Regional land & water protection opportunities

-Talking with youth

-Support Native-led organizations as a voluntary land tax

-Further study

Please contact us with corrections if we, as colonizers, have made errors in this post. We feel that it's better to put actions steps out there and be wrong, than to remain silent and complacent with 500+ years of harm. 

Photo credit: Coastal Interpretive Center

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Listing created Nov 16, 2023