Summer 2024 Climate Adaptation Ride

Sun Jul 28 - 2:00pm-4:00pm

Text below from the organizers.

End location: Main ride not a loop, but guided option back to start will be provided

In 2023, we had a low-key "Climate Resilience" ride near the end of the summer to discuss how we might exist in a future with the constant threat of calamities exacerbated by climate change. Scheduled for the end of the summer, we promised to ride - heat, rain, or wildfire smoke be damned - and it was... an absolutely gorgeous summer day, LOL. This year, let's spend a bit more time in our saddles talking about adapting to a future where we can thrive, no matter what climate change throws at us, by being more prepared and building community. We'll make a few stops to discuss emergency essentials to keep in your home, Portland's unique community emergency response program (aka NET), and how getting to know your neighbors might be the most important thing you can do to build your own resilience. This ride will be led by actual Portland NET members and we encourage other NETs and anyone interested in that program to join us! Finally, while we do not have the route 100% settled, there is a very good chance we'll end the ride with ice cream. Hope to see you there!

Time commitment: 2 hours
Sponsoring organization(s): Shift2Bikes
Solution Area:
Adaptation & Resilience
Climate Justice
Finance & Economy
Food & Agriculture
Governance & Leadership
Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
Land Use & Restoration
Mental Health & Mindfulness
Public Health
Renewable Energy
Storytelling & Art
Tribal & Indigenous
Waste Prevention
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