Energy Climate Actions in Oregon

Here are a selection of the climate actions in the Energy Solution Area going on now in Oregon.

Community Energy Project ( offers workshops, home performance audits and expertise, and access to resources for weatherization and efficiency. [Portland metro]

​​​​​​ElectrifyNow ( offers action-oriented informational resources about why electrification is such a potent and essential action, and how you can take steps in your own life to dramatically reduce your carbon emissions and build a better future for everyone, including trusted contractors and discounts on services. [Statewide+]

​​​​​​Energy Justice resources from Rogue Climate ( advocates, as we transition away from fossil fuels and towards 100% renewable energy, for us to also ensure our energy systems are accessible, affordable, clean, and democratically-managed. [South Coast]

Energy Trust of Oregon ( helps people find energy solutions for homes and businesses, offers cash incentives for energy efficient upgrades, and recommends skilled contractors. [Statewide]

Oregon Community Solar Program ( helps people buy a stake in a community solar array that sends electricity back into the grid to give clients discounts on the energy they use. [Statewide]

Pacific Power Savings & Energy Choices program ( offers customers options for lowering energy costs and shrinking environmental footprints. [Pacific Power service area]

Portland General Electric (PGE) ​​​​​​Clean Energy Choices program ( offers opportunities for customers to choose renewable energy sources, fuel vehicles with electricity, and generate solar or wind power. [PGE service area]

If you have a project in this area, and would like to post it, please contact us at, or message us within the Hub. For other informational starting points, visit our resources page or the current collection of resource posts.

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