Mental Health & Mindfulness Climate Actions in Oregon

Here are a selection of the climate actions in the Mental Health & Mindfulness Solution Area going on now in Oregon.

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline (dial 988, more info at offers support for anyone experiencing mental health-related distress – whether that is thoughts of suicide, mental health or substance use crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress. [Statewide+]

Climate Psychiatry Alliance ( is an alliance of psychiatrists raising awareness about the impacts of climate change on mental health and doing what they can to mitigate climate distress. [Statewide+]

Climate Psychology Alliance North America ( is a community of mental health professionals who educate and train mental health professionals in climate-aware practices and inform the public about the mental health impacts of climate change. [Statewide+]

Community Support and Sharing (CSS) Wildfire Recovery Call (, run by Jim White - came about in response to the unprecedented disaster of the 2020 Labor Day Wildfires that swept through some many communities in Oregon. The group is composed of community-based nonprofits, community advocates, foundations and funding groups, and various governmental organizations coming together to share ideas and lessons, bring forward challenges and offer solutions and create connections where they might not have existed before. [Statewide]

International Transformational Resilience Network ( is composed of more than 250 mental health, trauma treatment, resilience, education, faith, climate, and other professionals from around the globe building personal and psycho-social-spiritul resilience for the impacts of climate change. [Statewide+]

The Work that Reconnects Network ( helps people discover and experience their innate connections with each other and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action. [Statewide+]

If you have a project in this area, and would like to post it, please contact us at, or message us within the Hub. For other informational starting points, visit our resources page or the current collection of resource posts.

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