Climate Reality Portland

The Climate Reality Project focuses on training members and the public to become leaders in their community. We build awareness and educate about the drivers, impacts, and solutions to the climate crisis, with a focus on local programs, climate justice for Oregon communities, and local resilience.

Climate Reality Portland has several committees that focus on issue areas: Climate-Friendly Food, Renewable Energy, Transportation and Building Electrification, Climate Education, Plastic Reduction, and Climate Legislation.

Organization Name: Climate Reality Portland
Describe how you/your organization approach(es) climate action, and what types of engagement you're looking for.: We're looking to help and train new activists looking for a way into the climate movement to become leaders. We do this through the national Climate Reality Leadership Corps trainings (led by Al Gore) and through coordination with Oregon-based organizations, programs, campaigns and coalitions. Climate Reality leaders connect and collaborate with other organizations, learn together, and find a place in the local climate movement to contribute that fits their skill set, values, and passion.

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