Information about Oregon Climate Action Hub



The Oregon Climate Action Hub is on a mission to empower ALL Oregonians to take effective climate action.

Who We Are

The Oregon Climate Action Hub Core Team consists of the following: 

  • Karen Wolfgang, MA (she/her) - Core Team convener (LinkedIn profile
  • Tara Kreft (she/her) - Technical Team convener
  • Caz Lockwood (she/her) - Admin Team convener and Launch Committee Chair
  • Charlotte Bartruff (she/her) - Technical Team and Launch Committee member
  • Coral Avery (they/them) - Core Team member (LinkedIn profile
  • David Hakan (he/him) - Core Team member; Pachamama Alliance leader 
  • Diana Jones (she/her) - Core Team member

We are, with gratitude, a fiscally-sponsored project of Cascade Pacific RC&D.

What You’ll Find Here

Welcome to this comprehensive information hub about opportunities to take effective climate action within the state of Oregon. Our goal is to build individual and community capacity for action, and encourage each of us to live in ways that create a vibrant future for all. You can find opportunities to take action at individual, community, organizational, and/or policy levels.

This site includes projects that have these results: 

  • Reduce sources of greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Enhance nature’s carbon sinks to support sequestration (pulling down) of CO2. 

Projects achieve these outcomes by: 

  • Fostering equity for all through an intersectional approach. 
  • Building a broad-based community infrastructure for climate adaptation.

Site Agreements

Effective Climate Action

We ask all who post action opportunities here to consider how your project: 

  • Creates the social and cultural conditions needed to reduce emissions, enhance carbon sinks, and/or cope with the climate changes already occurring. 
  • Takes place at an individual, household, community, and/or policy level. 
  • Offers an extended “menu of options” so that there’s something for everyone. 
  • Works at the intersection between what utilizes participants’ unique skills and what brings them joy. 

Other questions we ask folks to consider when posting an opportunity: 

  • Does the project recognize that individuals and communities have a wide range of carbon footprints and capacities for action? 
  • Are there opportunities to expand inclusion, in terms of who is leading the project, taking action or deciding what “counts”? 
  • Does the project improve quality of life within the community?

Big Tent

Our goal is to offer a diversity of options for Oregonians to get into climate action. You may find opportunities here that don’t align with your own priorities. We consider diversity of approaches a good thing!

Hate Has No Place Here

This space is designed to be diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Hate speech or any harassing activities are strictly prohibited. If you experience any unwelcome conduct associated with the Hub, we ask that you report it immediately so that we may take appropriate measures to protect the safety of this space.

Non-Commercial Space

Fundraising and sales activities are not allowed on the Hub, although some opportunities may offer a chance to save or earn money (like financial incentives, job opportunities, and stipends for volunteer roles) and others may have costs associated (such as events and educational opportunities).

Special Thanks

To Rick Reynolds and his EngagingNet team for contributing the custom platform and ongoing support.