DC Global Warming Coalition

Founded in 2003, Douglas County Global Warming Coalition is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization.

Our mission: a catalyst for promoting a healthy climate for our community and future generations. Identifying and sharing solutions through awareness, advocacy, and collaboration.

Organization Name: Douglas County Global Warming Coalition
Describe how you/your organization approach(es) climate action, and what types of engagement you're looking for.: Douglas County Global Warming Coalition takes a multifaceted approach to promote positive solutions to the climate crisis. What we do today CAN and WILL make a difference! And We are Even More Powerful When We Work Together! Here is How YOU Can Help: *Legislation Advocacy: Transportation Energy Agriculture & Forests * Education & Community Engagement * Scientific Forums & Community Events *Community Partnerships **Engagement**: Individuals and groups who can help us further these goals, we welcome input and perspectives that help us in our efforts to address the climate crisis.

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