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Sunflower News is a pre-launch project bringing together people and technology in the climate movement. Utilizing a hybrid blend of expert knowledge and crowd-sourced data that is then algorithmically and manually edited, we track and amplify the work of thousands of organizations, activists, scientists, and others working on climate around the world, and help connect them through news curation, community events, and conversation. We’re partnering with global organizations including indigenous-rights group Cultural Survival, technology advisorship Exponential View, and climate jobs community Climatebase. We believe that building connections in the climate movement is one of the most powerful things we can do.

Organization Name: Sunflower News
Describe how you/your organization approach(es) climate action, and what types of engagement you're looking for.: We combine technology and online community to help connect, amplify, and strengthen the great work being done around the world in climate change mitigation, adaptation, and justice.

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