Art Sale for Climate Justice

This month is our Art Sale for Climate JusticeAll pieces in the sale have been generously donated by staff, volunteers, or supporters of 350PDX, and 100% of the proceeds go to 350PDX.

Check out the online Art Sale here!

The sale goes from mid-November and goes until December 16th, so we can make sure to have all the art delivered before the holidays. We'll be adding new stuff throughout the month as more donations come in. There are over a hundred pieces of art on the site. Last year some of the coolest pieces sold out quick so check out the sale now!

Sponsoring organization(s): 350PDX
Solution Area:
Adaptation & Resilience
Climate Justice
Finance & Economy
Food & Agriculture
Governance & Leadership
Land Use & Restoration
Mental Health & Mindfulness
Public Health
Storytelling & Art
Tribal & Indigenous
Waste Prevention
Listing created Nov 19, 2022