Webinar: Micro Heat Pumps - Window Portable and Saddlebag

Wed Sep 20 - 12:00pm-1:00pm

Learn how Micro Heat Pumps can provide efficient supplemental heating and cooling for apartments and small spaces at low cost.

Micro heat pumps come in 3 configurations - Window units which look like window air conditioners, Portable units which are ducted to the outside through windows with vent kits, and Saddle Bag heat pumps that straddle the window ledge with part of the device inside and part outside which allows the window to close more fully. These units are lower cost than full home heat pumps and can be installed DIY by plugging into a 120V outlet. They provide energy efficient heating and cooling which can be ideal for apartments or single rooms in larger homes.

Saddle Bag Heat Pumps are an emerging technology that could be vitally important to help building and homeowners heat and cool rooms more cheaply with faster installation times and without completely retrofitting a heating system. Cold climate versions are expected to become available in 2024.

Join us as we dive into the world of micro heat pumps and learn about the latest options, performance and consumer satisfaction test results and where the industry is heading with our panel of experts.


Christopher Dymond, NEEA

Erica Hennes, Gradient

Time commitment: 1 hour
Sponsoring organization(s): Electrify Now
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Listing created Sep 8, 2023