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This Guide is an offering and a resource for Indigenous Peoples and all who are looking for pathways towards implementing an equitable transition. It contains valuable success stories, real life examples, and important technical information, which together outline the ways communities can move forward through a Just Transition. The climate solutions shared here support the revitalization of Indigenous cultures and languages. Indigenous knowledge creates community resilience in the face of climate change. Indigenous voices from across Turtle Island are featured here, as are the stories of communities at the forefront of transition technologies who are leading the way to a just energy future.

While our world transitions to renewable energy from fossil fuels, it is essential that we are critical and aware of the impacts of “clean” energy so we do not replicate the same system of harms that have been perpetuated from the previous energy era. We are in the midst of the transition, and Indigenous nations and communities are the ones leading it. The Just Transition Guide was made possible by way of a partnership between Sacred Earth Solar (SES), Indigenous Climate Action (ICA) in collaboration with Power to the People and the David Suzuki Foundation. Without the inspiring work of the communities involved, this Guide would not exist. This Guide is intended as a collective resource that ultimately makes it easier for communities to both share and build upon renewable energy knowledge.

It is my hope that the Just Transition Guide will inspire and support the implementation of more climate solutions across Turtle Island in the years to come.

Melina Laboucan-Massimo
Lubicon Cree
Founder, Sacred Earth Solar
Co-Founder, Indigenous Climate Action
Research Fellow, David Suzuki Foundation
Host, Power to the People

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Sponsoring organization(s): Sacred Earth Solar, Indigenous Climate Action, Power to the People produced by Real World Media, David Suzuki Foundation
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Listing created Nov 9, 2023