Third Act Oregon

Third Act Oregon is a Working Group of Third Act (, which was founded by Bill McKibben.
Third Act Oregon brings together the political and economic power of Oregonians over age 60 to move local communities in the direction of a more sustainable society and planet. Our demographic is large, we have a wealth of life experience, we have huge economic power, and we VOTE. When we put our voices together, we are powerful.
We currently have 3 primary campaigns:
- Uplift Democracy and Voting (many activities offered to help protect our democracy)
- Divesting from Fossil Fuels (personal divestment - credit cards, banks, and investments, and pressuring the 4 largest banks that continue to invest in fossil fuel development)
- Democratizing Energy (supporting efforts to educate elders on electrification, vetted contractors and IRA monies to help make the transition to renewable energy)

Organization Name: Third Act Oregon

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