Douglas County Global Warming Coalition

Founded in 2003, Douglas County Global Warming Coalition is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization.  

Our mission is to be a catalyst for promoting a healthy climate for our community and future generations. We identify and share solutions through awareness, advocacy, and collaboration.

We take a multifaceted approach to promote positive solutions to the climate crisis. 

What we do today CAN and WILL make a significant difference! We are even more powerful when we work together! Here is how YOU Can Help:

- Legislation Advocacy: Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, Forests  

- Education & Community Engagement

- Scientific Forums & Community Events

- Community Partnerships 

We welcome input and perspectives that help us in our efforts to address the climate crisis

Link to learn more:
Solution Area:
Adaptation & Resilience
Climate Justice
Finance & Economy
Food & Agriculture
Governance & Leadership
Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
Land Use & Restoration
Mental Health & Mindfulness
Public Health
Renewable Energy
Storytelling & Art
Tribal & Indigenous
Waste Prevention
Listing created Mar 2, 2023