Information about Resources of Oregon Climate Action Hub


Climate Justice & Just Transition

Wondering what a "just transition" is all about? Check out the Climate Justice Alliance explainer page; two other good resources are the Beyond Toxics climate justice page and 350 PDX climate justice page. In Oregon, Oregon Just Transition Alliance (OJTA) brings together frontline-led and -serving organizations throughout the state to advocate for a powerful, inclusive just transition agenda.

Tribal Leadership

Sovereign tribal governments, including the nine federally recognized tribes in Oregon, and intertribal organizations throughout the state are taking powerful climate action. Read about their work here: Status of Tribes and Climate Change Report (STACC), Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) Climate Change Program, Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission (CRITFC).

Individual Action

The Oregon Climate Action Hub recognizes the power of individual action, and encourages all Oregonians to reduce carbon footprints and support regenerative systems across their spheres of influence. Those wanting to focus on personal/household action might consider signing up for BrightAction, EarthHero, and/or ActNow. Also, Regeneration has a very comprehensive description of thorny problems and tools to develop your own solutions!

Background Information

Learn more about climate change in Oregon by reading through the most recent (fifth) Oregon Climate Assessment.

Clean Transportation

A good starting point for information about clean transportation issues in Oregon is Climate Solutions' Clean Transportation page. OPAL focuses on transit justice in the Portland metro area, which you can read about here.

Renewable Energy

A good starting point for information about renewable energy issues in Oregon is Climate Solutions' Fossil-Free Electricity page. Community Energy Project provides energy efficiency audits and upgrades in the Portland metro area.

Sustainable Food Systems

Ecotrust's Food Systems program is one example of a program working on local sustainable food systems issues, as is Farm to School Counts. Statewide, the Oregon State Extension Service Master Gardener program is a great way to get started growing your own food!