Information about Oregon Climate Action Hub

How It Works


There are three ways to engage with the Hub: as a guest, a user, and a liaison

Guests can: 
  • See all posts.
  • Share or like posts via Facebook or share them via Twitter. 

To visit the Hub, go to

Users can: 
  • See all posts.
  • Share or like posts via Facebook or share them via Twitter. 
  • Follow other users. 
  • Send and receive messages within the Hub. 
  • Receive a weekly e-mail update about opportunities available. 
  • Invite new users. 

To become a user, sign up here

Liaisons are representatives of organizations, and must be approved by site administrators prior to posting action opportunities; they can: 
  • See events and share or like them via Facebook or share them via Twitter. 
  • Follow other users. 
  • Send and receive messages within the Hub. 
  • Receive a weekly e-mail update about opportunities available. 
  • Invite new users. 
  • Post action opportunities: events, meetings, volunteer opportunities, or community projects. 

To become a liaison, follow this process: First, sign up as a user using your organizational email address! Then, e-mail Within 72 hours, we will either approve your liaison privileges or contact you for more information. If we can find you on your organization’s website, that will help the process go faster. If you aren't an organizational staff or board member, we need to hear from someone at your organization that you represent them, so please make sure we have their contact info! If you have questions, please e-mail us at

How to Navigate Action Opportunities

Whenever you want to start over and go back to the main view, click the Oregon Climate Action Hub logo in the top left corner of the site.

Posts show all online and in-person activities, organizations, and resources: 

Events is like a calendar, which lists in-person and online activities that have a day and time associated: 
  • See all events by clicking on the Events tab.

Places is a statewide map, which shows all online and in-person activities, organizations, AND resources: 
  • See all posts (online activities, in-person activities, organizations, and resources) by clicking on the Places tab.

Organizations are those which have signed up to post on the Oregon Climate Action Hub. You can see them under Posts or in Places, or get a list of just organizations by sorting by post type "Organization".

ALL of these are currently sortable by Category (defined below) and Solution Area (currently: Adaptation & Resilience |  Buildings |  Climate Justice |  Education |  Energy |  Engaging Youth |  Finance & Economy |  Food & Agriculture |  Forests |  Governance & Leadership |  Land Use & Restoration |  Mental Health & Mindfulness |  Public Health |  Storytelling & Art |  Transportation |  Tribal & Indigenous |  Waste Prevention)Want different sort functions? Let us know!

Oversight & Vetting

Although our goal is to showcase a variety of action opportunities, our team does provide oversight for content posted here to ensure that it remains in alignment with our commitments. We work to ensure that organizations represented here demonstrate a commitment to effective climate action, and to ensure that liaisons abide by our site agreements. Here are some of the things we look for while curating content:

  • Is it created by and for the groups the organization claims to represent?
  • Is it associated with groups/activities that actively oppress marginalized groups or individuals?
  • Is it accessible (ability, class, age, race/ethnicity, gender, etc.)?
  • Does it promote JEDI – justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion?
  • What are the social, environmental, and economic solutions presented?
  • Would taking this action potentially create new social or environmental harms? If so, how will it be improved or replaced to become equitable?
  • Is it rooted in actionable science (including TEK and/or peer-reviewed data)?
  • Does this organization/event represent the values of the Hub?

If an organization posts something that catches our attention along these lines, we will take down the post and initiate a conversation with the liaison. Liaisons may be able to re-post after resolving issues; failure to address issues, or repeated challenges, may result in removal of an organization from the Hub at the discretion of the content team.