Information about Oregon Climate Action Hub

How It Works

We Support Effective Climate Action

We ask all who post action opportunities here to consider how posted projects: 

  • Create the social and cultural conditions needed to reduce emissions, enhance carbon sinks, and/or cope with the climate changes already occurring
  • Contribute to a movement-wide “menu of options,” so that there’s something for everyone
  • Work at the intersection between what utilizes participants’ unique skills and what brings them joy

Other questions we ask liaisons to consider when posting an opportunity: 

  • What are the social, environmental, and economic solutions presented? Does the project improve quality of life within the community?
  • Would taking this action potentially create new social or environmental harms? If so, how will it be improved or replaced to become equitable?
  • Is it rooted in actionable science (including TEK and/or peer-reviewed data)?
  • Does it recognize that individuals and communities have a wide range of carbon footprints and capacities for action? 
  • Are there opportunities to expand inclusion, in terms of who is leading the project, taking action, or deciding what “counts”? 

Oversight & Vetting

Our team oversees content to ensure that what is posted here is in alignment with our commitments. We work to ensure that organizations represented on ORCAH demonstrate a commitment to effective climate action, and to ensure that liaisons abide by our site agreements. Here are some of the things we look for while curating content:

  • The organization/event represent the values of the Hub
  • It is created by and for the groups the organization claims to represent
  • It is accessible (ability, class, age, race/ethnicity, gender, etc.)
  • It promotes JEDI – justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • It is NOT associated with groups/activities that actively oppress marginalized groups or individuals

If a post raises concerns, we will provisionally take it down and initiate a conversation with the liaison. Liaisons may be able to re-post after resolving issues; failure to address issues, or repeated challenges, may result in removal of an organization from the Hub at the discretion of the content team.

Site Agreements

Setting Expectations

Our organization does not discriminate against partners, volunteers, or users based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or any other legally protected status, and we do not enable organizations that do so to participate.

Big Tent

Our goal is to offer a diversity of options for Oregonians to get into climate action. You may find opportunities here that don’t align with your own priorities. We consider diversity of approaches a good thing, and we strongly encourage our partners to engage positively with each other's work. 

Hate Has No Place Here

This space is designed to be diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Hate speech or any harassing activities are strictly prohibited. If you experience any unwelcome conduct associated with the Hub, we ask that you report it immediately so that we may take appropriate measures to protect this space.

Non-Commercial Space

Fundraising and sales activities are not allowed on the Hub, although some opportunities may offer a chance to save or earn money (like financial incentives, job opportunities, and stipends for volunteer roles) and others may have costs associated (such as events and educational opportunities).

Roles & Navigation

Roles on ORCAH

There are three ways to engage with the Hub: as a guest, a user, and a liaison

Anyone can access ORCAH at any time as a Guest! Guests can: 
  • See all posts.
  • Share or like posts via Facebook or share them via Twitter. 

Send folks to the Hub's home page at

If you sign up for an account, you become a User. Users can: 
  • See all posts.
  • Share or like posts via Facebook or share them via Twitter. 
  • Follow other users. 
  • Send and receive messages within the Hub. 
  • Receive a weekly e-mail update about opportunities available. 
  • Invite new users. 

To become a user, sign up here

Liaisons are representatives of organizations, and must be approved by site administrators prior to posting action opportunities; they can: 
  • See events and share or like them via Facebook or share them via Twitter. 
  • Follow other users. 
  • Send and receive messages within the Hub. 
  • Receive a weekly e-mail update about opportunities available. 
  • Invite new users. 
  • Post action opportunities: events, meetings, volunteer opportunities, or community projects. 

To become a liaison, follow this process! If you have questions, please e-mail us at

How to Navigate the Site

Whenever you want to start over and go back to the main view, click the Oregon Climate Action Hub logo in the top left corner of the site.

Posts show all online and in-person activities, organizations, and resources: 

Events is like a calendar, which lists in-person and online activities that have a day and time associated: 
  • See all events by clicking on the Events tab.

Places is a statewide map, which shows all online and in-person activities, organizations, AND resources: 
  • See all posts (online activities, in-person activities, organizations, and resources) by clicking on the Places tab.

Organizations are those which have signed up to post on the Oregon Climate Action Hub. You can see them under Posts or in Places, or get a list of just organizations by sorting by post type "Organization".

All content is currently sortable by Category (defined below) and Solution Area (currently: Adaptation & Resilience | Buildings | Climate Justice | Education | Electrification | Finance & Economy | Food & Agriculture | Forests | Governance & Leadership | Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) | Land Use & Restoration | Mental Health & Mindfulness | Public Health | Renewable Energy | Storytelling & Art | Transportation | Tribal & Indigenous | Waste Prevention | Youth)Want different sort functions? Let us know!

  • FIND AN ORGANIZATION: Serves as a directory of organizations participating in the Oregon Climate Action Hub. Only Organization posts go here! Don't see an organization you expect to see? Suggest that that org sign up!
  • LOOK FOR WORK: Here you'll find Job posts, which are opportunities to make climate action your day job! You will also find volunteer gigs, which should be clearly noted as such.
  • TAKE ACTION: This is a catchall for Online Activities and In-Person Activities that may or may not have a date and time associated, but are impactful and probably time sensitive.
  • MEET UP: This category catches Online Activities and In-Person Activities which will be interactive and not just informational. Select this when you want to connect with other people at a specific place and time...
  • CHANGE POLICY: Here you will find Online Activities and In-Person Activities that offer opportunities to contribute to policy change at the local, state, or even national level.
  • LEARN MORE: This category showcases policies that have already been enacted and informational resources via our Resource posts, as well as Online Activities and In-Person Activities that are mostly informational.
  • GOOD NEWS: We all need it. Look here for Oregon climate success stories that should brighten your day!
  • COLLABORATE: When you are looking for others to work on a project with you, post and search for collaborative opportunities in this category.
  • OTHER: Posts that don't fit elsewhere have a place to live, in this category!